10 Easy Tricks To Learn Science And Economics


For those of you who are studying the Bachelor of Science and Economy, this stage is the most important of your school life in any case, so far. Obviously, during the exam selectivity, panic will not help, and your teacher either … Instead, here are 10 tricks that should help you during the study, in your economics classes, as well as science tuition at Tampanies.

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Trick #1 : Practice, Train, And Repeat:

Learning by heart is not enough to understand science and economics. Memorizing must be combined with practical exercises. To understand economic terms or science formulas, you should repeat them in different contexts.


Trick #2: Create Handwritten Summaries:

Of course, digitization has also brought huge benefits in the university world. However, to be effective, it is not always optimal. Students who made handwritten notes were clearly superior in terms of comprehension issues in laptop group tests.

Trick #3: Simplify:

Try to simplify problems as much as possible. Frequently the tasks sound much more complicated than they actually are. Keep calm and try to visualize the problem by, for example, visualizing it and writing out the most important given information from the task.

Trick #4: Outline Problems:

To better implement the above point, you can use small drawings or sketches. We have already mentioned the benefits of mind maps, but sketches can also help you learn (and understand) much in science and economics.

Trick #5: Use Index Cards:

Write down new words, units of measurement, laws, rules, and concepts you did not know before. In order to keep the thread, it is important that you are familiar with the existing learning as soon as the topic continues.

Trick #6: Invent Stories:

You remember what the tales of your childhood were about, even though it has been decades since they read to you. Nevertheless, how can you better learn with fairy tales? The answer is by doing your own. Combine your important facts that you learned in your economics tuitions at Tampanies with imagined content and summarize them in a small story.

Trick #7: Avoid Wrong Food:

Studies have shown that for optimal brain function; highly processed products with many additives are counterproductive. You should make sure to always drink enough water, but do without soft drinks and sweet fruit juices.

Trick #8: Learn With Variety:

Everyone can benefit from varying the ways in which they absorb learning content, as it constantly stimulates memory and concentration. The contents are stored in different areas of the brain for these sensory perceptions, thus creating more interconnections. This makes it easier to retrieve the knowledge again.

Trick #9: Stop Brooding:

A US study found that the longer you force yourself to remember something, the more likely it is that you will not remember it in the future.

Trick #10: Conduct Soliloquy:

How does one learn and understand best? If you convince yourself of its solution. It may sound strange at first, but if you explain to yourself during the learning process, how you see connections and come up with solutions, the material will be better remembered.

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