5 Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are one of the common problems in a house. Almost all homeowners face this kind of problem. Everyone has some tools to solve minor plumbing problems, but if the problems are very serious, then they have to hire some professional plumbing service to solve the problems. Minor problems such as a slow drain or clogged toilet can be solved with some grease and plunger. If you are capable, you can even replace a drain cover or change out a worn washer. But if it is some problems like a leaky pipe or bumps garage, you have to hire a professional Temecula plumber for the job. If you do not have sufficient knowledge and try to fix these issues, it could lead to some significant problems. You can visit https://plumberintemecula.com to get in touch with the professional plumber service.

Dripping Faucet Problem

A dripping faucet problem usually is not that big of a problem, but it could become something significant. For example, it can increase the water bill because when a single faucet sends a drop at a time, it can send at least hundreds of gallons of water per year. Usually, there is a washer that prevents water from dropping when the tap is off. Over a long time, this washer can become torn, dislodged, or stiff, and it could allow a small trickle of water through the washer. Replacing the washer is an easy job, but it could become a challenge without some specialized tools. If the leak is pretty old, it could corrode or wear the valve seat, and it will be a complicated repair. It is best to leave it for some professional plumber. 

Water Pressure Problem

Water pressure is the measurement that determined how much water is flowing from the tap at the moment. When the water should gush out, but it is only trickling, it means that you have low water pressure in the tap. Usually, this problem is not related to the pipes but the water supply. It is rare, but sometimes a break in the mainline can reduce the water pressure temporarily. But the more common cause of low water pressure is a sediment of debris on the faucet aerators. If the water supply does not have a filtration system, then the water can contain some debris. This debris can make sediment on the inner surface of aerators or showerheads and clogging the screens and slowing the water flow. Some of the water taps have the option to open the faucets to clean it. If, after a thorough cleaning, you still notice that the water pressure is low, you certainly have a more complex issue. If the cause is a breach or leak in the water supply pipes, it can damage your whole home foundation or infrastructure. It is recommended to hire a plumber for the problem.

Running Toilet Problem

It is a common occurrence in a toilet to have a running toilet problem in any home. The solution to this problem is to replace its inner workings. Commonly the cause of this problem is the damaged flapper valve. A flapper valve lets water pass from the tank to the bowl. If it does not fit properly, the float will be imbalanced, or the fill tube will be loose. In that case, it will be easy to solve with a toilet repair kit. If the reason is not a flapper valve, then it could be a more complex problem. In those cases, it is wise to look for a professional plumber.

Leaky Pipe Problem

Leaky pipe problem is another major plumbing problem that is not uncommon to anyone. Whether you find out a puddle under a pipe or a leak under a sink, it could be a costly nuisance. If there is no accident, then most of the leaks happen at the joints of the pipes. There are commercial joint fillers and fitting compounds on the market. These can solve the problem temporarily, but for a permanent solution, you have to hire a plumber to replace the pipe or its fittings.

Clogged Drain or Slow Drain Problem

Drain, no matter the kitchen or shower, there is a high possibility of getting clogged. When there is a partial clog in the drain, there will be a slow drain problem. Most of the time, the plunger can fix the problem. But it can not remove the clog altogether. It is best not to let it be there but hire a professional plumber to clean it thoroughly.

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