My husband and I were living apart when I found out I was pregnant. We did not plan to see each other for 10 days since he was teaching drivers’ education four hours away. The decision was either to tell him right away and miss seeing his reaction in person or to wait until I could see his reaction in person. Seeing him right away was not an option.

Seeing him right away was not an option. Since I had extra time on my hands, I decided to come up with a fun way to tell him, “You’re going to be a father!”.”””

Simple and easy was what I did. We bought him this I *3 Daddy picture frame in which we put the date of our little bundle’s expected arrival, and I bought him this book. While definitely not the best idea I’ve ever had, it served its purpose and didn’t break the bank.

It was not the most original or unique idea, but it was still a lot of fun. I thought it would be fun to look for some other ways I might be able to tell him you’ll be a dad again since we’re considering adding a second child. Check them out!


  1. Gifts are always appreciated. There are so many possibilities here!
    • Get your husband a baby jersey of his favorite team if he is a sports fanatic.
    • Give him a book if he enjoys reading. Andrew was given this one last time.
    • Does he like beer? Give him one of these stickers.
    • You can also get him a shirt that says “only the best husbands get promoted to daddy”. Here’s a link.
    • Don’t drink? No problem! Have Dad’s root beer!
  2. Try to time your announcement around a holiday. Create this type of jack-o-lantern for Halloween. St. Patrick’s Day perhaps? Congratulations! Happy Easter! You get the idea…
  3. Get your pet involved! Your dog can tell the man of the house by tying a note or ribbon to his collar!
  4. If this is your first pregnancy, stock up on pickles and ice cream. Check to see if your man notices right away. Whether you are pregnant for the second time or beyond, stock up on the foods you craved last time and wait for your man’s reaction.
  5. Do you love Photoshop? Have your shadow be the focus of a photo of you. Photoshop your bump into the shadow and give it to your husband.
  6. Let him know you’re expecting a baby. Observe whether he walks to the oven to get it out or if he gets it immediately. (Cheesy? Yes, but I could definitely see myself doing this.)
  7. Afraid of gaining weight? Here’s a free printable that will let hubby know he needs to get in on the fun!
  8. Place the pregnancy test somewhere he can see it. Wait and listen to his response.
  9. Give him the pregnancy test wrapped up if you’d rather not play the waiting game.
  10. Send him a homemade card telling him he’s going to become a father. On the outside, it says, “The only thing better than having you as a husband is having you be the father of our child!””child!””child!”” she says on the inside.
  11. End your love letter by announcing your pregnancy.
  12. Dress in your pajamas, but wear one of his shirts. Tell him you need something a bit bigger than normal when he notices. 😉
  13. Shop for the baby. Let him find the items on their own.
  14. Put one pair of baby shoes on top of the shoes he usually wears. Watch his reaction.
  15. Your older child should wear a shirt that says “big sister” or “big brother”.
  16. Feeling creative? Make him a family portrait. (Even I can do this!)
  17. Prepare a special dinner for him. Say you love him so much if he asks the occasion. Create a feast of baby food – carrots, potatoes, lamb chops, etc. If he doesn’t know why you made this meal, ask him halfway through dinner.
  18. If cooking a full scale “baby” meals sounds like too much work, just leave out the jar of Prego when you make a spaghetti supper. See if he catches on. 😉
  19. You might prefer sweets. Make a cake that says, “Thanks for knocking me up.” Or include a note with some cookies that says, “Eat up, mom can’t be the only one who has a belly.”
  20. Would you like to make sure he understands by the end of the meal? Use this tutorial to create your own “we’re pregnant” plate.
  21. Are you a gamer? Make it your goal to include every pregnancy related word you can find in a game of Scrabble – happy, swollen, baby, pregnant, etc.
  22. Prepare a sexy evening for your husband. Try drawing little footprints on your belly and see how long it takes for him to notice them.
  23. Get him this new mug if your man enjoys drinking coffee. See what his reaction is when he finishes his next cup of coffee. 🙂
  24. Would you like to see his reaction? You can also check out this cool idea which involves a photo booth – so it’s a bit more budget friendly.
  25. Tell him you’re looking forward to it! Let him know.
  26. Find something that fits your personality. Andrew and I leave one another sticky notes a lot. It might be a good idea to place one on his bathroom mirror or somewhere else where he’d see it eventually. That would be nice!

One of these methods is sure to work for me to tell Andrew “You’re going to be a dad!dad!dad!“ the next time I need to, and I hope it does the same for you all.

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