Best Zip Tie Handcuffs of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

In quick and changing situations, zip tie handcuffs are most useful.

During an arrest, they are often preferred to traditional cuffs if there are multiple suspects involved.

That said, I always prefer to use disposable or plastic cuffs of the highest quality available to me.

Best Zip Tie Handcuffs Reviews

1. Uzi Disposable Double Restraint Flex Cuff



Uzi’s Disposable Double Restraint Flex Cuff is ideal as a one-time-use restraint.

With several applications, it has most of the features you’d expect from a high-quality model.

Both law enforcement officers and military personnel can benefit from them.


Your detainees will be under far better control if you use these double restraints.

As well as providing optimal hygiene, they are also considered a more humane way to detain subjects.

Their main advantage is that they’re much more reliable than Velcro or zip ties.

Military specifications are followed in the manufacture of these cuffs, which are made in the USASA.

Providing over 425 pounds of tensile strength, each pair significantly reduces the probability of escape.

Their usefulness in a wide range of temperatures is another feature I appreciate.

There is no difference in durability between -20F and 120F, which is exceptional for a polymer.

Polymer rubber is used to make the Uzi Disposable Double Restraint Flex Cuff.

LEOs are also prevented from accidentally over-tightening the cuffs by its unique wedge shape.

Due to their ability to detail both of your suspect’s hands simultaneously, they’re extremely efficient. Furthermore, the brand has been around since the 1950s, which means it’s very reliable.


  • Reliable for one-time use
  • Highly durable material
  • Compact
  • Fold vertically for easy storage


  • Too square edges
  • Not for multiple uses

2. Safariland Double Cuff Disposable Restraints



The Safariland restraints are another excellent option for throwaway cuffs.

The ten cuffs I received with my order were more than enough to last a long time.

When compared with other brands, they offer a few notable features.


It allows me to have greater control over suspects thanks to the double cuff design.

Stabilizing the subject can be accomplished by engaging both wrists simultaneously.

I have found that these cuffs are versatile even if only one wrist is cuffed at a time. As opposed to having both wrists tied into one cuff, these restraints have two separate ones.

Furthermore, they can be used not only for wrists, but also forearms and ankles.

Furthermore, they have a standard length of 34 inches when extended, making them easy to store.

I was amazed at how easy it was for beginners to use the restraints.

It is as simple as using traditional cuffing techniques to detain suspects.

Additionally, they can be used to secure suspects to stationary objects, such as ambulance cot railings.

Safariland Double Cuff Disposable Restraints have a more ergonomic design than other disposable restraints.

Particularly when cuffed from behind, it helps reduce strain on the suspect’s shoulders.

The company also provides a metal cuff cutter, which simplifies releasing subjects.


  • Ideal for bulk ordering
  • Takes a lot of strength to break
  • Cannot be pulled apart or loosened
  • Similar to traditional handcuffs


  • Very long when extended
  • Will require easy-access storage
  • Challenging to size quickly


3. Tool Gadget Disposable Zip Tie Handcuffs



Because it is simple, I like the Tool Gadget Disposal Zip Tie Handcuffs when I’m in a hurry.

I can easily carry it with me in my vest and use it in all situations.

I was surprised by the quality of the plastic, even for a one-time use, since it’s disposable.


In every order, ten cuffs are included, which makes them a great choice for bulk orders.

The material is nylon, which is quite similar to zip ties.

Cable ties, on the other hand, are harder to break apart.

My favorite feature of these cuffs is their portability.

With these easy-to-remove cuffs, I don’t have to worry about storing long cuffs in my vest.

Similarly to any traditional zip tie, the self-locking technology is ideal for securing subjects quickly and effortlessly.

Tensile strength per pair should be up to 250 pounds on average.

In addition, they’re easy to use, especially when dealing with multiple subjects at once.

It’s unlikely your detainee will be able to escape without significant discomfort.

Rust resistance is another massive advantage of these restraints.

These handcuffs are made from nylon instead of metal, like traditional handcuffs.

Whether it is cold, warm, wet, or dry, you can use them.

The material also holds up well against UV rays, so it is unlikely to break down anytime soon.

I was immediately attracted to the Tool Gadget Disposal Zip Tie Handcuffs because of their versatility.

I find it useful in UV light and in temperatures ranging from -45F to 185F.


  • Highly durable locking strip
  • Powerful design
  • Challenging to cut
  • Easy for securing multiple subjects


  • Not ideal for non-compliant suspects
  • Could be too small for large hands

4. CampCo Uzi Single Use Double Restraint Flex Cuff




CampCo’s Uzi Single Use Double Restraint Flex Cuff is an excellent option for single-use restraining.

The ease of use with different wrist sizes is one of the main features I appreciate about the product.

Material used in these cuffs is superior to that used in traditional zip ties.


In any situation, a law enforcement officer needs reliable restraints.

While on shift, I feel at ease with these cuffs, as they work similar to traditional handcuffs.

If more than one suspect is detained, I will always have a backup pair.

These restraints eliminate the need to disinfect your cuffs after an arrest.

They can be cut and discarded once they’ve been used because they’re single-use.

Additionally, while they are worn, they are more hygienic for suspects, especially if they are combative.

Among the main features that caught my attention was the high-quality materials used to make the cuff.

Rather than using low-quality plastics, they use synthetic polymers.

The reinforced material prevents brute force from breaking the restraints, and cutting them is also difficult.

Moreover, these cuffs can be used more than once, especially when training.

By loosening the ties, you can reuse them without cutting them.

Beginners who wish to practice their handcuffing skills should take advantage of this feature.

Additionally, these cuffs are easy to prepare in any situation.

You’ll find they’re easier to deal with when dealing with combative or non-compliant subjects.

Additionally, they come in a more visible blue color instead of traditional black.

Law enforcement officers, security guards, and military police would all benefit from these restraints.

You can easily follow the arrest procedures for your department by using these forms.


  • Challenging to break
  • Nearly impossible to cut
  • High-visibility color options
  • Allows for partial folding


  • Not ideal for multiple uses
  • The material feels too soft


5. ASP Red Tri-Fold Training Restraints



Nothing compares to the ASP Red Tri-Fold Training Restraints if sophistication is what you’re looking for.

It’s one of the most unique designs for restraints I’ve seen, which makes them exceptionally useful.

It has also been designed to meet all law enforcement standards, so you can be sure it has the rigidity you need.


These cuffs come with multiple features you’re sure to love.

Due to their large loops and covered locking mechanism, they are easy to apply.

The lock would be impossible to pick in real-life scenarios, so detainees could not escape.

Additional reinforcements are added at specific pressure points, which makes the material much more durable.

Among my favorite pairs of cuffs so far, these are the best in terms of storage. With the cuffs folded, you will be able to store them very easily.

Every order comes with six restraints, each with six reusable pull strings so the cuffs can be easily applied.

A secondary compression lock adds another layer of security. As the pressure is applied, the cuffs double up, adding tensile strength.

In these cuffs, there is a low chance that subjects will have a high level of mobility.

Also, I love the patented twin strap retaining block.

The cuffs are one of the better-made options on the market when it comes to using them in a hurry.

Small and large wrists can easily be accommodated by the oversized loops.

With the Roller Loc, ratcheting is more straightforward, and the pull is exceptionally smooth.


  • Very robust
  • Comes with six pull rings
  • Phenomenal for safe arrests
  • Highly versatile and adaptable


  • Can be challenging for beginners
  • Thicker than expected

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