Buyer Review after Buying Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis Dune Leather Bag from SehaBags

Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest brands in the world right now, and with that, comes a lot of bags that have dominated the market for decades. The Pochette Métis Dune is one of those! In this post, I’m going to be doing a complete rundown of why I got the Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis Dune Leather Bag and my experience of getting it from SehaBags! 

Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis D’une Leather Bag

Before I get into my experience getting the bag, I have to go over what made me want to get this bag in the first place! 

So the Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis Dune is one of the most unique bags that Louis Vuitton has come out with so far. It was first released in 2012, and when it was, it didn’t really shock the world instantly. This one was kind of a slow burn, but that just ends up making it more special in my opinion. All that just meant that people actually loved having the bag, and eventually, it became a statement bag that no bag collection is complete without! 

I’m someone who’s a complete sucker for solid bags that add the pizzaz in with design while still maintaining the whole “solid” aspect of it all. This bag does exactly that! 

The main bag is a solid color, but has the classic “LV” logos pressed into the fabric itself. That way, when the light hits the bag just right, you still see the logos, but from a far, it’s a nice solid bag that you can easily pair with any outfit. Variability has always been big for me, which was one of the main things that really put this bag on the map for me. 

Another contributing factor here was the fact that I wanted a crossbody bag, but wanted it to also be totally wearable without the longer strap. This one ticks that box too! With all of that in mind, it was clear. I had to get it. However, there was one tiny factor that was still getting in the way. That was the fact that I didn’t want to pay the hefty price tag that came with the bag. 

Now that was quite the dilemma. But there was one way out of it, looking for a preloved one! 

But that comes with a dilemma of its own. Buying a luxury bag that’s already used can be a little risky because you don’t generally have the peace of mind that you would if you were to just go to the brand’s store and pick up a bag from there. You will have to make sure that you’re not getting scammed and actually get a legit bag. 

That seemed like too much responsibility, but then I found SehaBags! 

My Experience Buying from SehaBags

Deciding to buy the Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis Dune preloved was a daunting decision. I knew that if I were to try a random seller online, things wouldn’t really go as smoothly as I would want them to. Considering luxury bags are still a few hundred dollars even if you get them preloved, I had to make sure that I do everything right, and SehaBags was the one place that took all of that responsibility out of my hands! 

All I had to do was find a listing and place my order, they would take care of everything else!

So, I went on the SehaBags website and to my surprise, they actually had the Pochette Métis Dune in the exact color I wanted it in! 

Safe to say that I rushed out of the checkout page and then the waiting began. I thought that since I had gotten the bag preloved, it would take a while for it to come and I would have to forgo the whole luxury bag experience in the process, but I was wrong. 

They sent over the bag the very next day via the Royal Mail Special Service, and I couldn’t even believe how fast that was. But that wasn’t the end of it all. 

When I opened the initial packaging, I found that the bag was shipped as if it were sent in directly from the brand’s store itself.

The box was in perfect condition. Inside, the bag was in two separate dustbags, and the receipt was there too! It was almost like I had bought this bag brand new! 

Finally, we have to talk about the bag itself. It was in pristine condition. There were no threads sticking out from anywhere, no scuffs or stains, and the one I was looking out for the most, creases. I wasn’t able to find a single crease anywhere! 

The entire experience with SehaBags was super smooth, and the bag looked like it was brand new! I was able to get the bag I had been eyeing for years, and have it look and feel brand new, without paying the full price for it! 

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