Slingback Dior shoes Women have been on my radar and wish list for a while because I love the pretty J’adior ribbon, but I didn’t like the low heel in these Dior shoes women. As soon as I saw J’Adior’s high-heeled sandals in the store, I was consumed. What makes them unique and special to me is the logo band that I have not seen on anyone else. As well as a gold lucky Christian Dior symbol on the sole. Here is my honest, unsponsored opinion and full review of Dior heel strap shoes for Women.

Now they come in a wide variety of colors, prints, and fabrics, both in the kitty and heeled versions. Like most of us, I already have nude and black shoes and I don’t need another pair. I wanted something a little different and if you’ve known me for a while you know how much I wear and love pink. So when pink Dior sandals appeared in my size, I decided to buy them.

This season, the Houndstooth model is dazzling and stylish, like a statement shoe for winter. Since they are black and white, they will go with almost everything from dresses to trousers and jeans. The new white and gold Dior shoes Women Toile de Jouy will be great for spring and summer heels or even as wedding shoes. Classic casual shoes in black or nude calfskin, perfect for work, outings, and everyday use. It is also calfskin, which is more durable and less scratchy than sheepskin.

Dior Shoes Women Size:

I find the Christian Dior Shoes Women ’s to be big and 1/2 size smaller despite the pointy toe. I  ordered a normal size. Their website says they fit true to size but order half a size up from your usual size. So I definitely recommend trying them on in the store! If you can’t get to the store, I suggest ordering your regular size if you have a wider foot, and 1/2 size down if you have a narrow heel as the strap is fixed so you can’t tie it tighter or looser. 

Dior J’Adior shoes for Women-How much do it cost:

Strappy Dior Shoes Women range from $950 (excluding tax) for solid colors to $1,190 for embroidered versions. 

So what I hate the most is the price. Dior Shoes Women are not cheap! (again, at least not as bad as Chanel’s prices!). I spent a lot of time thinking about buying these shoes and if they are worth it to me personally then yes but I probably won’t buy such an expensive pair of shoes for a long time lol.

It was worth it to me though, as it cost per wear – I could easily wear them to work every day (and special occasions too) and they matched all my outfits, so I got a lot of value. Also, the fact that they are an investment and if I ever want to sell them (which I won’t) then I can sell them for a good price or even more than I originally bought them as this style is iconic. But we are all different, so I recommend thinking carefully before you buy them.

What is the heel height of Women’s Dior Slingback shoes?

They come in 3 heel heights: flat, 6.5cm/2.5″ heel, and 10cm/4″ heel, and this is the pair I got.

Are Dior slingback heels comfortable?

If you’re used to wearing high heels, then yes. I find them comfortable even with the toe pointed and the tape doesn’t cut. 

I did a lot of research before buying the shoes and everyone said they were the most comfortable shoes. I’ve never been a fan of Dior shoes Women, but they are amazing! This is probably due to the leather sole, which is much more comfortable to walk on. In addition, the heel is not too high, so it is not uncomfortable to walk with them.

The only complaint about the belt! I had to go up a size because European designer shoes run small and the strap is too loose, so I use foot pads that push my feet back to keep the strap from falling off. This is easy to fix, but a bit annoying. Well!

Are the Women ‘s Dior Shoes value for money?

To be honest, it depends on your budget and how much you are willing to pay for a pair of Dior shoes for Women. Dior’s quality is consistent and it’s everything you’d expect from Dior shoes Women. I found mine in mint condition on Fashionphile which brought the price down considerably. They also have a great return policy, so if they don’t fit you, you can return them and order another pair in the correct size.

Its Style:

Dior J’Adior heel strap pumps come in multiple colors like navy blue, red and white, as well as a variety of materials like velvet, fabric (mine), and shiny patent leather. They are constantly coming up with new designs as it is one of the most popular shoes in stores right now. I chose the black fabric material because it’s practical, doesn’t get dirty, and doesn’t scratch or damage as easily. Please note that cloth material is constantly being depleted, so it may be more difficult to find.

I bought mine from Neiman Marcus at Northpark Mall in Dallas and they only had 3 left in stock and needed to be shipped so it could be hard to find. Regardless of the color or material you choose, the straps are always white (with the exception of one black and one transparent nude with J’Adior lettering in crystals), so the design stands out easily, but is subtle enough not to be too noticeable. distract too much. . suits.

All in all, this is an amazing pair of women ’s Dior shoes to invest in and I have no regrets! I can’t wait to make my next designer purchase, though it won’t be for long lol. It is so exciting! What’s on your designer wish list? Let me know below!

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