How to Choose the Right Teddy Bear

Have you ever wondered why Mr. Bean couldn’t leave his home without his teddy bear named Teddy? His Teddy is not only his toy but also his friend. When you give a crying baby teddy bear, its cry turns into a smile. When you give in to an angry person, his eyes light up. The teddy bear has magical powers that can make anyone smile at all stages of life. The gift says “I care”, “I’m here”, and “I love you”. It restores our childhood memories, allowing us to be a child again.

First birth Teddy bear

Named after the beloved American president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, teddy bears are loved by children and adults alike. This was born from the incident of a bear hunt trip to Mississippi in November 1902 when President Roosevelt refused to shoot a pitiful American bear that was tied to a tree by the president’s men.

How to Choose the Right Teddy Bear
How to Choose the Right Teddy Bear

He announced that shooting a defenseless bear is not the same as a game. His action earned him the reputation of being a man of tender warmth and deep feelings, prompting the artist to become the editor of his heroism. Inspired by this, and unknown to all, American Morris Michtom and German Richard Steiff wanted to create simultaneously, showcasing and sell the first Teddy bear soft toy that gained widespread popularity. It became so crazy that many companies merged.

This charming toy has become a rock collector. The first versions of this take the form of a real bear, but modern ones have been made to look childish and elaborate. Teddy bears are a popular gift that represents love. It is also a tangible sign of compassion and happiness.

Teddy bears by their kind

There are many types of wholesale teddy bears to choose from, varying from species to species and materials. The bears shown are the first American Black bear, Grizzly bear, Polar bear and Panda. They are all still called Teddy bears.

As this toy captured the heart of the world, many companies competed with their brand icon. The collected items are Michtom’s mohair Teddy’s, Steiff Harlequin bear, Knickerboxer bear, Gund and Ty bear, Hershey’s bear, Teddy Ruxpin and Care Bears. Companies that also sold bear statues have gained huge followings to this day: Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, Rupert, Sooty, Pudsey, and Corduroy.

There are teddy bears that are known for their unique properties. One is the Mohair bear. It is made of long goat hair that is dyed or woolly, dyed and cut. The Alpaca bear is made of alpaca pelt. There are also pearls made of “plush” or synthetic fur, denim, velor, cotton, canvas and satin. They even called some of the Teddybears “decorated animals” and got rid of them.

Picking up the right bear

Make sure you spend all your money on the bear! So, how do you make sure you buy the best bear?

  • The safest option for giving babies is a joint bear. It has a low risk of being excluded when they try to remove it.
  • If the bear has parts attached, you can try on its shape making it fun to play with. You can make it sit or stand or you can raise its arms. Note that each section will not be easily removed from its base after a few minutes of play.
  • To prevent the risk of choking on young children, check that the nose and eyes are sewn into the cloth. There are teddy bears with noses & their eyes just fixed on the fabric, making it easy to close when played by children.
  • The seams should be thin and non-abrasive as the seams appear uncomfortable.

Short or long warrior fur?

When choosing a teddy bear for a baby, the bear’s fur pile should also be considered. Short pile fur is best suited for toddlers and toddlers as the wool does not grow very thin, especially if the baby bites a bear. You can also choose baby toys.

Hug bear

A bear hug from a friend turns a sad day into a bright one, or a good day to make a beautiful one. It’s the magic of a teddy bear and if no one else is around to hug you, hug the bear! Surely, it is a beautiful thing that such a simple toy could bring us such a great explosion of simple pleasures.

Teddytime Teddy Bears

Teddytime Teddy Bears and soft toys are designed and manufactured by our team here in Sydney Australia. We like to think of ourselves as a soft aficionado’s toy and have a passion for smiling that we put on people’s faces. Come see all our friendly and gentle friends on the air.

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