What Is Jewelry Image Editing?

How is jewelry image editing done? Why do you need to retouch jewelry images? You are probably curious about these two things. An integral part of beauty and dressing are jewelry products such as necklaces, diamonds, rings, pendants, chains, and bracelets. Approximately 292 Billion Dollars is expected to be spent on jewelry in the world by 2025. Jewelry business owners need to present their images in the best way possible to convert customers and clients.

Jewelry image editing involves editing photographs of your products to create attractive, high-quality images that sell and get people talking. In jewelry image retouching, changes are made to jewelry images in a subtle yet effective way in order to add both beauty and clarity.

Your store catalogs, eCommerce websites, print ads, outdoor advertising, social media, and all of your marketing needs will benefit greatly from jewelry retouching services. The importance of photo editing services increases when you have clients located all over the globe. Photo editing services are becoming more and more important to jewelry business owners worldwide, and they are outsourcing these services to experts.

What are the benefits of outsourcing jewelry image editing and retouching services?

It is beneficial to outsource photo editing services. Professional image editors have specialized teams that tackle jewelry retouching, with each member focusing on a specific aspect of jewelry images. It is therefore beneficial for professionals to outsource jewelry image editing services. Below are some benefits of outsourcing photo editing services.

1. Get professional editing services for your photos

Professional photo editing services help jewelry businesses get the best results, allowing them to concentrate on their own operations. A professional photo editor can edit and retouch dozens of images in a day, unlike manufacturers and sellers. Any image can be exported in the format of your choice – whether it is JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or RAW.

A professional photo editing company can provide all kinds of photo editing and retouching services, from background removal to photo editing. There are companies that specialize in all types of image editing and usually have a number of experts on each project. In addition to free samples, they often include additional services.


Jewelry manufacturers and sellers need digital photo enhancement services in order to present their products to their customers in the best way. In addition to being extremely profitable, the jewelry business is also extremely competitive. Among the services offered by digital photo enhancement are improving the quality of the products, as well as beautifying them.

Digital photo enhancement services include color adjustments, saturation, brightness, and density correction, blemish removal, color cast correction, cropping, photo airbrushing, and eCommerce photo editing service. To produce the best images, we use the latest and most sophisticated software that will last long and outshine their competitors even after full zoom.

3. Hire a professional photo retoucher

Commercial images require photo retouching services. Because of the money and stakes involved with the jewelry business, high-end photo retouching services are necessary. Jewelry images are necessary for high-end print magazines, websites, apps, and eCommerce websites. Such services are necessary, especially when processing raw images that weren’t taken in a studio with adequate lighting and professional cameras.

Scratches, stains, dust, and other undesirable elements are common in such images. To create high-end jewelry images, photo retouching is essential. Retouching jewelry photos requires advanced editing tools and experienced photo editors to produce the best, high-quality images. There are a number of parameters to consider, such as luster or shine and light.


Outsourcing jewelry image editing services has the benefit of allowing you to tailor your service jewelry image editing services are meant for producing images for high-end clients. Raw and simple images sometimes need to be converted to Images of the highest quality that can be used for large display ads, billboards, banners, posters, etc.

In some big events, high-end images are displayed in airports, stadiums, concert halls, malls, and marketplaces. It is necessary for the images to shine and have more luster, light, and shadow. You should outsource jewelry image editing services if you own a big jewelry brand or a multi-chain outlet and want to expand your business.


Jewelry images have many undesirable elements that can distract potential clients and customers. Images of necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, etc. may be affected by unwanted reflections, dust, scratches, and water drops. Distractions like these are a surefire turnoff for those who may have been your customers, but will now switch to your competitors – who will now earn millions, while you lose all of them – just because you made a small mistake.

You should always ensure all such elements are removed at once when outsourcing jewelry photo editing services. Even if it’s obvious, you should ask your image editor to remove all such elements, especially if your images were taken by a non-professional photographer, with a non-professional camera in an outdoor setting, and if your image was damaged in any way.


Polishing the metals and stones involved in jewelry-based products is one of the most important aspects of jewelry image editing. Whether it’s diamonds, gems, or gold, polishing is essential. When it comes to silver services, polishing must be effective and subtle, not tacky and cheap. A polish should look natural and have a natural sparkle, yet the sparkle should be larger than life. During editing, jewelry items such as diamonds require great care because they are highly layered and detailed.

The images of all jewelry items should be polished, taking into consideration the angle of the piece with respect to where the camera will be, the direction of natural light and artificial light, the distance from the front, and the quality of the picture. The most subtle and effective way to add polish to jewelry images is to outsource jewelry image editing to professionals.


A jewelry photo editing service also recolors surfaces and preserves natural colors. Color is an important component of images, and jewelry images are no different. In jewelry images of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, if the color is not captured properly, the desired effect might not be achieved. Low lighting or inadequate photography equipment could be responsible for this.

In order to switch colors, correct the shading, and create artistic images that sell, expert editing and software would be needed. You can actually take a photograph of one jewelry piece and then leave the color conversion to the image editor if you have multiple jewelry items with minimal variations in color (for instance – gold and silver bracelets of the same design). You would also save a great deal of time by doing this.


It is also crucial that jewelry image editing services restore the shine to jewelry items. Real jewelry items reflect a lot of light, but they can also reflect unwanted reflections. Photographs may reflect the photographers and their equipment, surrounding lights, and objects. These reflections should be removed while retaining the actual shine.

Repainting is a process requiring both human and machine interaction. While retaining the jewelry’s natural texture and radiance, unwanted elements are removed. With this technique, the image of an object becomes smooth and shiny, free from distractions.


Shadows are also natural in product images, just like reflections. Images of jewelry with shadows add a sense of depth and dimension, creating a three-dimensional effect. Manufacturers and sellers can also use shadows to emphasize the most desirable parts of the jewelry item.

In order for shadows to be good, they need to add depth without being unnatural. If you outsource jewelry photo editing services, make sure the shadows are created. To create artificial shadows, different tools, effects, and software are used.


Several expensive software programs and dedicated manpower are employed by jewelry image editing services, as you have no doubt noticed in the above points. For your image editing needs, you would need original licensed premium software, which could cost hundreds of dollars per year if you run a commercial jewelry business.

In addition, graphic editors are expensive to hire on a full-time basis. If you decide to outsource jewelry image editing services, you will be able to focus on what you do best, whether it is manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, or selling jewelry.

Before you outsource jewelry editing, you need to keep a few things in mind.

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