Perfect Pull Behind Leaf Vacuum

Raking is not a good strategy for removing leaves, branches, and grass clippings from a large field or medium-sized lawn.

Besides being monotonous, it’s also physically taxing and takes a lot of time. To accomplish the job quickly and easily, invest in a leaf vacuum that can be pulled behind.

Pull behind leaf vacuums have enough hose power to suck up leaves and keep your yard green and beautiful.

In addition, they are versatile and can be used on lawn tractors and mowers. In addition, they come with large debris tanks and hand-free levers for easy emptying.

We will look at some of the top rated tow behind leaf vacuums that you can get right now and start cleaning up your yard.

Best Pull Behind Leaf Vacuum Reviews

1. Agri-Fab 45-0540 Chip-N-Vac Lawn Vacuum

The Chip-N-Vac transforms a lawn full of leaves, shrubs, and branches into one that is so beautiful and breathtaking.

The Agri-Fab Chip-N-Vac allows you to clear large areas of leaves with less strain on your body than a backpack vacuum cleaner.

The model is easily attached to a lawn tracker, the motor starts quickly, and the wheels are thick and stable.

This unit is a great option due to three factors.

The design is flexible, making it compatible with more than 40 different tractor decks. It’s fine as long as the deck doesn’t exceed 50 inches wide.

Furthermore, the handle is made of tough, durable steel.  KeAs you work, keep in mind that the design is flexible, which improves maneuverability.

Also, the hose is long enough to handle the job. Additionally, it’s clear enough to easily detect clogs. If you’d like to reach areas that seem difficult to reach, you can get a hose extension kit to extend the functionality of the unit.

Chip-N-Vac earns a decent performance rating. As you mow, the equipment easily logs clippings. Furthermore, it has a robust chipper powered by a 208cc Briggs and Stratton engine, which turns soft and dry branches of up to 2 inches in diameter into mulch.

The chipper has an 80-mile suction power, which allows it to vacuum up leaves, pine needles, and leaves before they settle on your lawn.

Agri-Fab should consider fixing the hose that tends to come off when turning left, even if it is not a very serious problem. Making shallow left turns is a reasonable solution since you can’t make right turns all the time.


  • Doubles as a mulcher because its chipper is strong enough to chip branches of up to 2 inches in diameter
  • Sufficient suction power to suck up leaves, grass clippings, and pine needles.
  • Powerful 208cc engine included


  • Sometimes the hose comes off when you make left turns

2. Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac for Zero Turn Lawn Mower

For small areas, a backpack leaf vacuum can be useful. The most effective way to remove leaves, grass clippings, twigs, and branches from a lawn or field as large as 2 acres is with a tow behind leaf vacuum.

You might find that the Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac is just what you need for the job, particularly since it works well even on lawns and fields with deep, large, or both leaves.

The leaf container is well constructed. Steel is used in its construction and a black finish protects it from weather. The top and back are made of durable plastic.

Mow N Vac’s model isn’t built for heavy-duty use, but it certainly does the job.

Its suction power is up to standard, so you can expect it to pick up grass clippings, twigs, acorns, and leaves quite well.

In most cases, the 208cc Briggs and Stratton engine will not take more than one pull to start.

The 55188 Mow N Vac from Agri-Fab is a great option for fields with flat terrain and moderate slopes.

This leaf vacuum won’t work on slopes higher than 3 degrees due to its narrow wheelbase and an attachment that doesn’t double the base nearly as much. If your lawn isn’t leveled, consider looking past this unit.

Despite having a frame that isn’t quite as sturdy as many landowners would wish, the 55188 Mow N Vac mode is reliable and quite functional.

The frame doesn’t provide enough support to keep the motor from vibrating due to its weak structure. The tongue bar of the main frame can be reinforced by bolting it to the reinforcement.


  • Compatible with a zero turn mower
  • Reliable and functional. It can mow and vacuum a large are in a very short time.


  • Not ideal for lawns with steep incline
  • Makes a lot of noise when it’s in use
  • Some lawn owners think it’s too big and therefore require a larger storage space
  • Not a strong frame design

3. Brinly LVS-33BH Tow Behind PolyVac System

If you have a big lawn filled with leaves and you want to bring back the aesthetic view of green grass and beautiful trees, consider getting the Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac to remove what you don’t need on the field.

It’s an equipment that does the job right, one that’s highly rated for being easy to use, for easily vacuuming up leaves, and for being easy to empty after the vacuuming job.

Multiple testing proves that the Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac is worth the asking price. For starters, the model can easily suck up leaves that are at least a foot deep at 4MPH hose suction power. It doesn’t shutter, die, chock, or clog. And the result is a well-vacuumed lawn that looks good for a long time.

Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac doesn’t seem to reach tight places quite easily. But you can easily get around this issue by positioning the 8-inch hose close to the area.

All you have to do is to disconnect the hose from the mower deck and use a rake to push the leaves towards the opening of the hose.

One of the most noticeable features of this tow behind leaf vacuum is the dumping angle.

Standing at 53 degrees, with a hands-free foot pedal, Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac tank is easy to empty.

You end up spending less time getting dirt from the leaves because there’s no need to use a rake for the job.


  • Easy to assemble,  easy to use, and easy to empty
  • Works as expected
  • Can vacuum a thick pile of leaves quite well
  • The suction power is reasonable, so  you can vacuum a large lawn within a short time
  • Built to last and doesn’t cost a lot of money to maintain


  • You can’t no way to tell if the tank is full unless you open the  back
  • Has a long tongue that make it hard to vacuum leaves in tight places
  • The unloading process does get a little dusty
  • There is no way to stop the blower when the motor is running
  • The hose is somewhat short

4. DR Leaf & Lawn Vacuum 9.59 Premier-Tow Behind

Leaf & Lawn vacuum is a compact, easy-to-tow-behind model that you can use to give your lawn a fresh look by removing leaves and grass clippings.

In operation, it is quite aggressive, picking up leaves with just one pass.

You probably won’t have to empty the tank very often, since it can hold up to 200 gallons of leaves.

Powered by a 223cc torque engine and a Shark Teeth impeller, this vacuum easily sucks up leaves with just enough airflow.

You will have a gorgeous lawn that is free of debris, clogs, and grass clippings.

Designed from rugged polyester sandwiched between a waterproof PVC backing, the collector top of the model is removable and foldable for storage.

The bed is released by a lever that is easy to handle. The cart can be emptied within a few minutes due to its 60-degree dump angle.

With an 8-inch diameter hose, this model’s anti-clog design ensures a consistent flow of debris, so you don’t have to worry about materials getting stuck inside.

The hose is narrow enough to maximize suction power, so debris that you want to remove from your lawn can be collected easily and quickly.

You deserve a tow-behind leaf vacuum that is mobile, easy to maneuver, and functional. Therefore, DR Leaf & Lawn ensures that this model has wheels that roll smoothly on varied terrains.

Although the 14-inch tires aren’t super thick, they are thick and rugged enough to ensure stability and traction as you tow the leaf vacuum behind a mower.


  • Electric start that responds and fires up fast
  • A large capacity unit that can hold up to 200 gallon of shredded materials
  • 8-inch hose with high suction power allow grass clippings and leaves to pass through well
  • The item is easy to disassemble and store away when it’s not in use


  • This leaf vacuum is somewhat pricey

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