When compared to Earth, how big is the Sun?

It’s the Sun! We are nothing without it. At the same time, it is a star in a galaxy like any other. What is its size, though? Comparing the Sun to something we are familiar with is the best way to understand its size. We will do a great job with Earth. Is the Sun as big as Earth?

But first let’s look at some numbers. The Sun is the star at the center of the solar system. It resembles almost a perfect sphere made up of hot plasma and magnetic fields. It has a diameter of about 1 392 000 km, nearly 109 times larger than the Earth, and its mass (1.9891 * 1030 kg – 330,000 times the Earth) makes up 99.86% of the total mass of the solar system. It would take 109 Earths side-by-side to equal the diameter of the Sun. To fill up the Sun with Earths, it would take 1.3 million Earths. Chemically, about three quarters of the mass of the Sun is hydrogen, and the remainder is mostly helium, as 1,69% by mass (or 5628 times the mass of the Earth) is other heavier elements like oxygen, carbon, neon, iron, and others.

The Sun

Therefore, we have a really big fireball in the sky. To help you visualize how large this is, let me give you an example: The average speed of passenger aircraft is 800 km/h, so if you decide to fly from New York to London, the flight will last around 7 hours. It would take you two days and two hours to complete one full trip around the Earth (equal to approximately 40,000 km) without landing. Imagine if we did a full orbit around the Sun with the same aircraft. How long would that takIt will take 5458 hours or about 228 days.ysIt’s a long flight, I hope you’ve got a lotts of music with you  🙂

If you think the Sun is the best thing in the Universe, you’ll see in the video below that you’re far from the truth and there are much larger “fishes” from our local star.

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